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OMANG affordable edtech

South African EdTech firm Odin Education has launched an e-learning device preloaded with educational content, enabling students to access lessons without the need for an internet connection or printed textbooks.

Dubbed OMANG – meaning ‘identity’ in Sesotho – the android tablet comes preloaded with content from educational publishers and free data from leading network providers, making it truly accessible to the remotest of regions.

Teachers select specific textbooks and approved websites, e-learning platforms and apps to match the curriculum and form entry of their student's – and can even upload their own content (video lessons, notes, multiple-choice tests and class chat forums) – to personalise devices to each individual learner's requirements.

Ajit Gopalakrishnan, head of Odin Education, explains:

“In this digital world, there's no shortage of quality educational content, but access to that content and devices like phones or tablets is a real obstacle for many South African children.

"We know data is also an issue, so our devices are pre-loaded with a set amount per learner, which can be managed as the school chooses.”

The monthly cost is less than £6 per student and the device is locked if lost or stolen.

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